Renderings of [Redundanc_ies] Material and Geometries Study

Thesis Midterm Presentation

Thesis Midterm Presentation at USC. The project researches on the use of automated robots reconstructing radioactive territories in Japan, grafting a redundant agent based system programmed with sensory nodes monitoring radiation and damages to create feedback and intelligence within the facility.


LA Downtown Artwalk Feature

Congratulations to
LA Downtown Artwalk - Thursday, October 13, 6-9pm 
for the opening of 
"Architecture and the Logic Machine:Behavior and Material Application"
Special Featured.


Digital Future Workshop Shanghai 2011

Summer Digital Worshop in Shanhai, China utilizing Processing and Rhinoscript. Workshop was tutored by Roland Snooks and James Fleet Howell from Kokkugia.

Schizophrenic Expansion

2010Fall (n)certainties M4 Lab Design.
The Jurassic Museum of Technology reconstruction.