Lo_Monaco House

Working in Tom Wiscombe Design. The house consists two main components: the semi-public crystal and private pedestal. The connection is weak/ tenuous in order to allow the figure to float. Instead of literally blurring the boundaries, delicate patterns of linework are used to re-figure the edge into a pattern of loops and embedded smaller apertures. Lines on opague surfaces become patterns of standing seams and deep black channels.

Sci-Arc Pavilion

Working in Tom Wiscombe Design. This is a competition for the Sci-Arc Graduation Pavilion.


The topic
In the last three decades, significant changes have taken place in the world of design, including the context, material and technology. The "Past forward" Competition calls for an introspection of these development theoretically and formally by re-design the "BLUR BUILDING " by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. We re-define the blur as the conflict between physical reorganization and digital existence. The physical disturbance is achieved by refractions while the digital connection is achieved by Web 2.0 based iphone application.

It is an initiative to help people nowadays to identify their physical presents from their digital lives.
It is a device with which people could discover the occupancy of the cybernetic part in their mind.
It is also an incubator that bring up the opportunities of encountering.

It is a labyrinth built up with hundreds of the “water stalactites”.
It is a container within which there are unobvious boundary between illusion and reality.
It is also an experiment field where the refraction of lights is manipulated following the design of the continuous transparent surface.

Team: Qi Su , Jili Huang

"Comin' Big Bird"

The aim is to establish the Zoomlion headquarter as a new landmark in the city. Besides multi-level centers, which is to rise the activities from the ground to various elevations, the main theme is "soar".  The concept of space shuttles and wings are introduced to indicate the company's ambition.

Sitting at the outskirt water feature, there stands the exhibition center. The operation part of the exhibition center functions as the entrance of the building. The patterns on the surface is based on feathers' organization on birds' wings. Pistons are located both on the ground and on the frameworks to provide extension power. The movement is simulating a bird ready to soar to the sky.